Alarico Project

ALARICO project (Advancing knowLedge of Antimicrobial Resistant Infections, Collaboration Network) is aimed to support dissemination of knowledge in the field of antimicrobial resistant infections. Our goal is to promote the creation of a multi-cultural community and interaction of various professionals involved in the management of multi-drug resistant infections, such as physicians, microbiologists, experts of public health, nurses, members of scientific communities, industries, and media.

Our goal is to share the experience of different professionals to perform a multi-faceted cultural process aimed to improve prevention, diagnosis, and management of infections caused by resistant microrganisms.

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Our multidisciplinary approach provides training of health personnel, establishment of information campaigns, promotion of a rationale management of antimicrobials (antimicrobial stewardship) and implementation of infection control measures.

We also need to optimize existing resources to understand the microbiological, clinical and pharmacological mechanisms, which are at the basis of the development of infections from multi-resistant germs and the knowledge of local epidemiology.

ALARICO project has the objective to incorporate multiple experiences coming from different areas to develop an evidence-based approach of the striking problem of antimicrobial resistance infections.

All the centers participating in the project can access our platform and:

  • Share scientific evidence and make use of digital material developed by project managers and by the various participants
  • Participate to on-line meetings to update and contribute to the creation of diagnostic and therapeutic algorithms, taking into account the specific clinical and microbiological characteristics of the centers participating to the project
  • Use a “web-consultation” system that allows participation to discussion of particular clinical problems
  • Partecipate to collaborative multicenter clinical and microbiological studies

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