Multi-drug resistant microorganisms represent a challenge for public health. ALARICO was born with the aim to create a multidisciplinary network for the prevention and management of difficult to treat infections.

“Antimicrobial stewardship” is a way to optimize management of these infections. However, the implementation of antimicrobial stewardship strategies is difficult if there is no exact knowledge of local epidemiological data derived from single Institutions involved in the management of infections with MDR microrganisms.

In this sense, we think that sharing experiences and informations coming from different centers can promote a cultural process, aimed to build a new evidence-based approach of multidrug-resistant infections. Participants will join multidisciplinary meeting, involving various health professionals.

ALARICO is active in supporting the design and performance of multicenter studies. Our target are all health professionals involved in the management of patients with severe infections, with particular reference to physicians, infectious disease specialists, anesthesiologists, microbiologists, surgeons, nurses and other professionals of public health.

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